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 Subject :Peraturan baru dalam pertandingan Taekwondo WTF.. 2009-09-07 03:58:03 
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* Competition area reduced to 8m by 8m.
* Head kick is 3 points.
* Turning kick (180 degrees or greater) to the body is 2 points.
* Combo of 2 x Kyong go or 1 Gamjeom adds one point to opposing player. Total of 4 point deduction still = loss.
* Lifting the knee to avoid a valid attack or impeding the progress of an attack is now a kyong go.
* The inactive period is 5 seconds for the “fight command”; then 10 seconds of further inactivity is now a kyong go. This is commonly practiced now.
* Wearing of a Hijab beneath the helmet and dobuk is acceptable.
* Men’s Weight Classes: -54kg, -58kg, -63kg, -68kg, -74kg, -80kg, -87kg and +87kg.
* Women’s Weight Classes: -46kg, -49kg, -53kg, -57kg, -62kg, -67kg, -73kg, +73kg.
* Players hold head gear under left arm, and put it on after bowing at the start of the match. Players take off head gear and put under left arm and bow at end of match.
* The definition of “face” is replaced by “head” including all areas above collar bone.
* Legal scoring area is defined as the coloured area of the trunk protector
* There is NO additional point if the referee counts.
* Win by 7 point gap and 12 point ceiling is removed.
* In Kyeshi, the doctor is consulted before the order to resume the match is given; or declaring loss by expiration of kyeshi time. This is commonly practiced now.
* Centre referee can have a casting vote in a “referee conference” during a match.
* Lodging of protest time is 15 minutes after match conclusion.
* Amendments to CSB composition, conflict, and procedure.

(List prepared by Master Barbara Marian, WTF Canada Referee Committee Vice Chair - Ontario. Available from Taekwondo Canada here.)

Note that “turning kick” refers to a spinning kick (instead of the commonly understood dollyo chagi – roundhouse). Presumably this is a backwards spin, where sight of the opponent is momentarily lost.
2-point technique

2-point technique

The new rules result in a 1-2-3 point system:

* 1 point: kick to body (eg. roundhouse)
* 2 points: turning kick to the body (eg. back kick)
* 3 points: head kick (eg. roundhouse, drop kick, hook kick)

Note: a spinning/turning kick to the head is also three points.

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